Internship Course – Apply by April 27th!

Internship Seminar & Fieldwork – 4 points
Enrollment by permission only. Students must fill out the online application in order to be considered for this course. (Instructions below)
NOTE: Students accepted to this course must indicate on their visa survey (available May 1st – May 15th) that they want a Tier-4 General Student Visa; you will not be permitted to intern (paid or unpaid) without a Tier-4 visa. A Tier-4 visa costs a minimum of £289 GBP (approximately $460 USD), plus any applicable shipping and expedite fees. (*This does not apply to students traveling on EEA or Swiss passports.)

This 4 credit course includes a weekly seminar and minimum of 10 hours fieldwork/week at an approved internship fieldsite. Internship placements are made by EUSA, an organization partnering with NYU London.  EUSA provides internship placements in a wide range of organizations. Industry sectors include:

  • Business, Finance & Economics
  • Healthcare, Social Issues & Education
  • Television, Film & Journalism
  • Communications
  • Arts & Culture
  • Politics & NGOs

The seminar portion of the course explores many different aspects of your internship site. The goal is to finish the semester with an in-depth understanding of the company or organization, including its approach, its policies, and the context in which it operates. We will also discuss more generally the state of the contemporary workplace and ourselves as workers. Finally, you will use the seminar to reflect critically and analytically on the internship experience and as a way to refine your own personal and professional goals.

Note: All students enrolled in this course must participate in both the seminar & internship,  and earn 4 academic credits.
Application requirements:

  • An accurate and up-to-date resume or CV.
  • A personal statement of 250-500 words addressing the following questions:
  • Why are you interested in participating in the NYU London Internship program?
  • What would you like to learn? How would an internship relate to your academic and career goals?
  • What courses have you taken (in your major or elsewhere) that relate to your internship interests?
  • What special skills and experience would you bring to an internship?


  • Apply by April 27th and receive notification of acceptance to the program by May 2nd.   EUSA will work with accepted students to find a suitable internship placement.  All accepted students will be placed in an internship, however flexibility is important concerning your organization and/or industry.
  • Applications will be accepted after April 27th as space remains available.

Once you have both your resume and personal statement prepared in a .doc or .pdf format for upload please fill out the short online application found here: NYU London Internship Application

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